How does the mymi wonder patch work?

Mymi wonder patch is one of the best selling product in Korea that helps people melt fat, remove stretch marks and warm your belly. It is an patented product and also approved by FDA in USA. Everyday take this wonder patch for 8 hours when working or shopping, and even sleeping which will help you lose pounds easily.

Mymi wonder patch works effectively by applying a body wrap with active ingredients onto your skin where ingredients are absorbed. The process stimulates your system, increases calorific burn and your metabolism. As a result, fat cells and toxins are removed, your body slims down, looks toner and your skin feels healthier in a short period of time.

Skin friendly water base glue works to hold the effective slimming ingredients your body without obstructing your skin breath.

Each mymi wonder patch covered the size of 19cm*23cm can be applied to your belly, legs or any area you want. Herbal Extracts found in mymi wonder patch works to help you burn fat and reduce weight. Clinically tested and the customer claimed that with the help of mymi wonder patch one can cut down 1~2 inches by regular use for 2 months without any side effect.


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