How to use mymi wonder patch

Mymi wonder patch are widely used by many cutsomer for their varieties of goals. Some people want the tightening and firming skin by using mymi weight loss patch. Others use mymi wonder patch for lose pounds or reduce cellulite appearance. And we also have mymi patch users just for general skin detox and conditioning as well as for reducing stretch marks appearance. Whatever the goal you want to achieve of your figur or fat, mymi wonder patch is right for you.

Before you choosing mymi wonder patch, the following tips are what you should grasp for using mymi wonder patch.

Carefully remove the film that covers the sticky part of the patch.

Place it right over the navel area, and press gently to attach.

Don’t move for a few minutes to allow for proper adhesion.

Remove it after six to eight hours.

4-weeks per course of treatment. Insist on a course ,You will have the perfect body!

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